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The Cowgirl

Either hours have changed significantly for this Santa Fe restaurant/bar (p. 41, 61), or I was totally confused when I wrote the book. Er, also, the phone number is for the takeout line–call the resto at 505/982-2565.

Here are the proper hours:
11am-2am Mon-Fri, kitchen closes at midnight
11:30-2am Sat, kitchen closes at midnight
8am-midnight Sun, kitchen closes at 11pm

The Palace

This restaurant in Santa Fe (p. 59) is significantly changed (it goes by the name Senor Lucky’s), and I wouldn’t characterize it as family-friendly any longer….especially now that they’ve installed the mechanical bull. (Yikes.)

UPDATE: This place has closed very suddenly, as of 2/15/07. (Thanks for the tip, Woody!)


This bar in Santa Fe (p. 41) has changed hands, and the new management has lowered the drink prices; happy hour is $4, and the rest of the time cocktails max out at $10, making this place much more accessible. (No reports on whether this has resulted in a lower rate of celebrity sightings.) Currently the place is open Wed-Sun, and the nightly schedule listed in the book is no longer accurate.

La Mancha

The restaurant at the Galisteo Inn (p. 64) is open on Tuesdays now as well, and has a direct phone number for reservations: 505/466-8200. The prices have also gone up significantly–$20 is the low end for entrees, and they range up to $38. But there’s a smaller “tapas” menu, which is really just bar food–smaller versions of entrees, some burger-y things, etc., so don’t let the prices deter you from a drive down here in the summertime.

A couple of Santa Fe changes

First, Cookworks (p. 48) is closed, and that is not news at all, since it happened in late 2005. I just haven’t had my eyes open wide enough the past few times I’ve driven through town–sorry.

Prices on the four city-managed museums–Palace of the Governors, Museum of Fine Arts, Folk Art, and Indian Arts & Culture–are all up by $1 (to $8). Which means 4-day passes are now $18. But there’s a new 2-museum pass for $12–for either Palace of the Governors/MFA or Folk/Indian Arts–which is pretty handy. Also, Sundays are free to all New Mexico residents.

More news on the way shortly…

Closures in Madrid and Cerrillos

In Madrid, the shop Woofy Bubbles (p. 175) is shut, as is Talking Bridge Gallery (same page), which had the old soda fountain in it.  Chances are, whoever rents that space next will operate the soda fountain as well, so all is not lost.

And I thought Madrid was looking a little tidier than usual…and it turns out it’s been being used as a movie set, for some Disney movie called Wild Hogs.  The fancy new diner turned out to be a movie set–no idea if it will actually turn into a business.

As for Cerrillos, Enchanted on First (p. 175) is closed.  On the up side, the petting zoo seems to have expanded, and Mary’s Bar had three patrons!