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  1. Nancy

    Really do not recommend anyone stay here. I had an e-mail chain with a staffer promising me that it was OK I was arriving 1 hour after the usual closing time and leaving early in the morning…they would make arrangements to wait for me. Thinking that because it was Labor Day weekend it might be busy, I went ahead and sent in a money order for $29–$24 to reserve a private room and $5 for a refundable key deposit. Now that they have a better website they take online reservations and claim the first night’s deposit is nonrefundable–not so last year!!

    Lo and behold, no one was there. I would have been sleeping in my rental car if a dorm guest hadn’t heard me pounding and let me in. The dorms cost only $18 and are supposed to come with linens…of course I got none. I obviously did not get that key deposit, no one was there when I left early in the morning, just as I said I would. On return home I fired off an angry email, got an immediate apology and the excuse that the person answering emails had failed to communicate with the receptionist, and the offer to return my money ASAP. No big surprise, it never came and my subsequent emails all went ignored. Really not worth the trouble!

    Also, while the guidebooks & website don’t mention it, they have signs up saying they require chores, just like the hostel in Santa Fe. Not sure if this is really enforced or not.

  2. Mike

    Sounds like you showed up after they were closed, and left before they opened. I have stayed there more then once and had no problems. It’s hard to expect someone to handle your requests if you are there when the staff isn’t.

    Even if they are not standing over you, you should do the chores. That is part of hosteling, both trying to keep the cost down, but also the experience. A five minute chore doesn’t hurt anyone, but adding the guests together, that can save the hostel money and allow cheaper rates. Besides then you don’t have the people who did their chore talking behind your back.

    I really liked the hostel. I enjoy meeting other travelers, and also having the kitchen available for cooking. The place was clean and the staff were friendly. I liked the location close to downtown and old town (walking distance). I may actually take a train in next time, and it is only about 10 blocks from the train and bus stations.

    I see that some people leaving reviews wanted the Hyatt for twenty bucks a night, but let’s face it, that isn’t going to happen. This is a good value, and it is clean. If you don’t require room service this is worth the money.

  3. D. Peterson

    Comment by Erin + Ryan, USA
    March 2009
    After over twenty separate stays in a variety of in a variety of locales, Route 66 Hostel has garnered the distinction of being my very first negative review. not even the Venice hostel that accidentally double-booked and caused us to spend a sleepless night in their common room got a negative review, so that should really tell you something. We were in town for a literature symposium the last week of February 2009 and decided to stay at this hostel. we love hostels and have stayed at numerous ones in Europe, Asia, and North America that were wonderful. plus the rates for private rooms were good and the staff seemed friendly and helpful. We decided to stay and booked a four-night stay in a private room. We were checked in upon arrival by a very helpful and friendly gentleman and shown to our room, which was a little more run-down than the images shown on the website. Regardless, we aren’t too picky about that kind of thing and were happy to check in and get some sleep for a busy day that began with the opening plenary at 8 a.m. sharp at a conference center twenty minutes away. However, upon waking up we both discovered bedbug bites all over our arms and bodies. We were really dismayed and decided to hurry up and get ready, go to our conference and then speak to the staff in the afternoon or evening about it. When we returned in the evening (before 9 p.m.), we spoke to the young woman at the front desk and were treated very inconsiderately. She tried to imply that we may just be allergic to the detergent used in cleaning the sheets, that we were imagining things, or that we had been bitten by mosquitoes or some such and hadn’t realized it. Then she told us no other rooms were available and that there was nobody else to call and nothing else to be done until the next morning. After we expressed extreme revulsion at the thought of another night spent in bug-infested bedding, she told us we could pay for the individual beds in the dorm rooms that night (in addition to our own unusable room). As it was getting late and as I was presenting my own session at 8 a.m., we didn’t have many options. she was barely slowing down on her way out the door by this time. so we went upstairs for a moment to discuss what to do, came back downstairs and found the office locked up and this staffer completely disappeared. We then spent a sleepless night sitting on hard chairs in the bedbug room. still managing to be bitten on our feet and ankles although this time we were able to spot and kill several bugs. I also ran into another staffer making a late-night snack in the kitchen who told me that there had been a problem several months back with bedbugs. interesting, given the other staffer’s reaction to our news. The following morning I went to the conference and presented my research while Ryan went back to the hostel to talk to the day manager. Ryan was treated in an incredibly rude and insulting manner by this individual — not only did this rude man outright question Ryan’s recounting of facts, he also told Ryan that we were imagining things and that there were no bedbugs, to which Ryan showed him on his body the bites welting up and then brought out the little corpses of the bugs we had found the night before, at which point this piece of work then implied that we had brought the bedbugs with us to the hostel. Then he told Ryan that not only would we not be getting another room, but that our pre-paid lodging would not be refunded because we should have requested a different room the first night! We only discovered the bedbugs while sleeping (they usually only come at night), but not only that. there was not a staff member in the front office at all times (the office shuts down sometime after 10p.m., it seems). There was no way we could have done that! He accused Ryan of trying to sneak one over on the hostel and was, in general, incredibly brash and rude. When Ryan told him that another staffer had filled us in about their bedbug problem, he just grumbled and tried to denigrate that bit of information, too. Eventually Ryan was able to speak to an older women who was actually quite kind and apologetic (the owner?), and we were refunded the money from the second night but not the first. We left that day and found another hotel because this hostel was still unable to give us another room or a different mattress (bedbugs, once in a mattress, are impossible to get out. it’s a process that can take huge chemical washes and up to a year of disuse). Although many of the staff were very helpful and kind, and in spite of the good location, interesting look to the building, and awesome free eggs/toast/oatmeal in the kitchen for breakfast, the bedbugs and their staff’s way of dealing with this by manipulation, deceit, and denial made our stay here incredibly unpleasant. Plus I’m not convinced they will actually take the steps necessary to get rid of this very serious problem. If you stay in a private room, be aware that you will probably be infested. This entire hostel needs to be closed down for a week for a top-to-bottom cleaning chemical wash to get rid of this problem. I hope this happens. The hostel itself is cute and many of the staff seemed very nice — it would be a shame to allow this kind of attitude and upkeep continue. Perhaps they should consider hiring professional cleaners — it’s obvious that leaving most of the chores up to the guests themselves isn’t getting it done.

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