Taos restaurant news

Momentitos de la Vida (p. 122) is closed. It has been replaced by something called Sabroso—not sure yet if it’s good.

Sheva Café (p. 120) has moved into the Overland Sheepskin Co. shopping complex, up the highway, closer to the “old blinking light” intersection, on the east side of the road.

Antonio’s (p. 121) is still serving Mexican dishes—but they’ve been moved to the back side of the menu, and the New Mexican stuff given more prominence. Not a real change for the diner, as the food is just as tasty, but it’s funny to see that Antonio has had to cater more to local tastes. He has also opened Rellenos Café, on Paseo del Pueblo Sur, one block south of Kit Carson Road. Rellenos has the usual NM stuff, but also the yummy chiles en nogada, at a lower price than at the formal resto.

Xocoatl (p. 119) now shares space with a restaurant called La Folie, and has an entrance on Paseo del Pueblo Norte, just north of Kit Carson Road. The hours have changed too: Although the sign says they’re open for breakfast, the current hours are noon-3 and 6-9pm Tues-Sun (closed Mon).

Tim’s Chile Connection (p. 120) is more clearly signed as Tim’s Stray Dog Cantina, in the second-to-last entrance to the whole ski complex, as you go around the parking lot.

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  1. Jo

    Last evening, 8/6/07, four of us dined (or attempted to dine) at the Compound in Santa Fe. It was awful. A Manhattan was dark brown and not potable. When we placed our orders, I ordered halibut and the waiter asked how I wanted it cooked. I said cooked all the way through, not translucent. My friend ordered pork and specified that he wanted it well done. Our partners ordered veal which was fine, but the pork was bloody rare and my fish was severely undercooked, translucent all the way. We sent them back and they arrived in about 20 or 25 minutes, well after our spouses had eaten. Then we gave the waiter a $10.00 off coupon that came with the opera tickets. The amount was not taken off and he said it would be. It was not. I was angry and found the manager and demanded the $10.00 (a trifle on a $248.00 check). He wanted to run our cards again but since we were barely on time for the opera I demanded the cash.
    The Compound is a good place to avoid!

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